• Service Stations no longer accept Petro Cards. Some still accept Fleet Management Cards and a few take Credit and Debit Cards.  It will be a good idea to have some cash just to be prepared.  Service Stations, located at the Wimpys, have Cash Teller (ATM) machines inside the shops.
    People travelling with children (under 18’s) will have to be in possession of a full birth certificate.  One parent with children will need to have the full birth certificate as well as a letter of permission from the other parent.   If you travel with another person’s child, you will need permission from both parents together with the full BC. 
    Namibian Dollar and South African Rand are accepted currency and have the same value.
    Traffic Officers are very strict and fines are extremely high.  Keep to speed limits, wear safety belts, make sure to stop at stop signs – the wheels of the vehicle must come to a complete standstill, use hands free mobile devices, etc.
    Starter Packs for the MTC mobile network are readily available.  International dialing code to RSA is 0027; drop the 0 before the rest of the number.  When sending SMS’s use the + sign instead of the 00 (For example +27 82 347 000).
    Emed (Medical emergencies) 061 – 411 600 or 081 924
    Non smoking laws are very strict in Namibia.  No smoking allowed inside buildings.
    Keep in mind that Lüderitz is a small town and most shops will be closed after 13H00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 

    The Kolmanskop gate closes at 13H00.  Special permission to enter can be obtained from the Ghost Town Tours office.
    Lüderitz is located in the Namib Desert and we often encounter sand blowing over the road in the last 50 km.   Driving faster to get out of it will do damage to the paintwork and lights of your vehicle.  Rather slow down to 40 km per hour to decrease the velocity of the sand hitting your vehicle and hence preventing sandblast damage.   Should you see low sand dunes across the road, slow down as it can damage your vehicle if you cross them at a high speed.  Please feel free to call from Aus to confirm the weather conditions and we will gladly advise.



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